Discover AirGo™ 

the first non-invasive precision device that continuously records minute ventilation & breath dynamics during sleep, daily activity and athletic performance



Precision monitoring of minute ventilation is the Holy Grail of health diagnostics

AirGo™ is a medical grade platform that continuously measures the respiratory parameters critical to analysing pulmonary and cardiac function, control post-operative recovery and conduct longitudinal sleep assessment.

Our area of expertise is strategic monitoring of respiration dynamics during sleep and athletic performance and providing precise breath metrics and caloric expenditure. 



AirGo™ measures live circumference changes with a comfortable knitted strap with silver coated yarn, worn over the lower floating ribs. 

Patent pending, the platform excels at long term autonomous and remote monitoring of completely mobile patients engaged in regular daily activity, full night sleep sessions and exercise.




AirGo™ analyzes the minute ventilation (MV) trends that document lung re-expansion, post-op recovery and can identify major breathing disorders including apnea, hypopnea and spontaneous arousals.

By monitoring these ventilation trends AirGo™ provides cardiologists, pneumologists and sleep therapists with early identification of respiratory and cardiac decompensation, vital for determining patient wellbeing.

In athletic performance, measuring minute ventilation (MV) trends and correlated breathing dynamics is critical for establishing training strategies and developing strategic plans for use of anaerobic & aerobic power reserves by real-time measurement of calories burned and burn rate. 

Finally, monitoring one's quality of sleep is fundamental to understanding it's effect on overall performance. Insomnia and spontaneous arousals can be an early indicator of overtraining and stress.